Virtual Course: Cookin’ With Herbs

Virtual Course: Cookin’ With Herbs

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Course Title: Cookin' With Herbs: Welcome to the Queen of Herbs Healthy Kitchen as we explore culinary herbs and nutrition!

Course Duration: 4 modules

Course Description:
This interactive course is designed to introduce participants to the world of culinary herbs and their powerful impact on nutrition and overall health. Throughout the four-week duration, participants will learn how to plan and prepare healthy meals that incorporate the power of herbs. By the end of the course, participants will have gained a solid foundation in herb selection, culinary techniques, and nutrition principles, enabling them to create delicious and nutritious herb-infused dishes.

Course Objectives:
1. Understand the nutritional benefits of culinary herbs and their impact on overall health.
2. Develop knowledge of various culinary herbs and their flavor profiles.
3. Learn how to properly select, store, and handle culinary herbs.
4. Acquire essential culinary skills and techniques for incorporating herbs into meals.
5. Explore different cooking methods to maximize the flavor and health benefits of herbs.
6. Understand the principles of meal planning and how to create balanced, herb-infused meals.
7. Gain confidence in experimenting with herbs to create unique and flavorful dishes.
8. Develop an appreciation for the versatility of herbs in various cuisines.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Culinary Herbs and Nutrition
- Understanding the nutritional benefits of culinary herbs
- Exploring the history and cultural significance of herbs in cooking
- Identifying common culinary herbs and their flavor profiles
- Properly selecting, storing, and handling herbs
- Incorporating herbs into everyday meals

Module 2: Essential Culinary Skills and Techniques
- Knife skills for herb preparation
- Different methods of herb preparation (chopping, mincing, bruising, etc.)
- Understanding heat and its impact on herbs
- Sauteing, roasting, and grilling with herbs
- Creating herb-infused oils, butters, and sauces

Week 3: Meal Planning and Balanced Herb-Infused Meals
- Principles of meal planning and creating balanced meals
- Incorporating herbs into breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes
- Herb-infused salads, soups, and stews
- Herb-infused protein dishes (meat, fish, tofu, etc.)
- Herb-infused side dishes and accompaniments

Module 4: Exploring Herb-Centric Cuisines
- Introduction to herb-centric cuisines from around the world
- Exploring Mediterranean, Asian, and Latin American herb-infused dishes
- Understanding the flavor combinations and techniques used in different cuisines
- Creating herb-infused desserts and beverages
- Final project: Creating a unique herb-infused dish

Course Assessment:
- Quizzes to assess understanding of course material
- Participation in interactive cooking demonstration and discussions
- Completion of  assignments, including recipe creation and meal planning exercises
- Final project: Presentation and demonstration of a unique herb-infused dish

Materials Included:

  • Course Study Guide/Tests/Quizzes
  • Herb Sampler
  • Meal Plans & Recipes

Note: This course outline and curriculum are subject to modification based on the instructor's discretion and the needs of the participants.