A Cute Wellness Co was founded by Sultana Nailor, also known as "The Queen of Herbs." After amassing a huge social media following with the motto It Ain't Cute To Be Sick and her corresponding Herb Of The Day videos, Sultana realized that in order to truly be effective both in her community and beyond, a more personal approach to helping others achieve their wellness goals was needed. 

As a result, in January of 2024, the company (formerly known as Apothatote) which previously functioned as just an online herbal apothecary was changed to A Cute Wellness Co. 

The company's name itself has a deep and personal meaning to Sultana and speaks to the desire to help others address their own acute (short-term) care needs as well as reinforcing that sickness should be addressed on a holistic level.

A Cute Wellness Co's mission is to provide a personalized approach to people who are battling sickness, whether mentally, physically and/or emotionally, through coaching, unique treatment plans, tools and resources and the empowerment that comes through guidance and accountability.

It Ain't Cute To Be Sick is more than simply a motto. It is a war cry to those who seek wellness.