Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre

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Common Name: Gymnema, Gudmar
Botanical Name: 
Gymnema Sylvestre

Most Effective Herbal Remedy for: *Diabetes 

Herbal Remedy for: *Acid Reflux *Anemia *Arthritis *Asthma *Bronchitis *Caries *Cold *Conjunctivitis *Constipation *Difficult Menses *Digestive Disorders *Dyspnea *Eye Diseases *Fever *Gallstones *Gray Hair *Heart Disease *Hepatomegaly *High Cholesterol *Hyperinsulinemia *Indigestion *Jaundice *Kidney Stones *Leucorrhea *Liver Diseases *Malaria *Menses Scarcity *Metabolic Syndrome *Nose Bleed *Obesity *Pain *Paralysis *Phlegm *Piles *Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) *Pyuria *Respiratory Diseases *Skin Diseases *Snake Bites *Spleen Diseases *Spleen Enlargement *Strangury *Typhoid *Ulcers *Water Retention *Wounds 

Herb Properties: *Analgesic *Antidiabetic *Anti-inflammatory *Antiviral Antimicrobial *Astringent *Cardio Tonic *Digestive *Diuretic *Expectorant *Laxative *Liver Tonic *Stimulant *Stomachic *Thermogenic


SIZE GUIDE: (Comes in Flower, Root , and/or Herb Powder, based on availability)

Sample: a small sampling of the dry herb leaf or powder up to 1 oz.  

Weight varies upon choice of herb

JUST THE HERB: Dried Leaf/Flower:  May be used and consumed as a loose leaf tea or added to beverages and or smoothies.

Small (1/4 cup up to 2 oz.) Medium (1/2 cup up to 4 oz.)  Large (1 cup up to 6 oz.) Weight varies upon choice of herb

Tinctures: Concentrated herb(s) in liquid form that are administered sublingually (by mouth). Alcohol tinctures have an average shelf life of 3-5 years, are the most potent herbal preparation method and do not need to be refrigerated.

Small (1 oz) Medium (2 oz) Large (4 oz) Please allow 72 hour additional processing time. Comes in a dropper bottle

Capsules:  Dried powder in capsule form. Small (30 capsules) Medium (60 capsules) Large (90 capsules) Vegetarian/Vegan


Looseleaf Tea: 1-2 teaspoons of the dried herb or herb powder equals one 6-8 oz prepared serving of tea. For best results, drink 3-5 servings daily.

Capsules: Take one capsule by mouth daily if you weigh 150 lbs. or less. Take two capsules by mouth daily if you weigh OVER 150 lbs.

Tinctures: Take daily by mouth, under the tongue. 10 droplets if you weigh UNDER 150 lbs. 15 droplets if you weigh OVER 150 lbs.