Butterfly Pea

Butterfly Pea

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Common Name: Butterfly Pea
Botanical Name:
Clitoria ternatea

Herbal Remedy for: *Alzheimers *Anxiety *Amnesia *Arthritis *Asthma *Body Odor *Bronchitis *Burns *Cervical Adenitis *Coughs/Cuts *Debility *Diabetes *Digestive Disorders *Dull Skin *Ear Diseases *Earaches *Elephantitis *Fatigue *Fever *Gonorrhea *Headache *High Blood Pressure *Hoarseness *Hypothyroidism *Indigestion *Insanity *Insomnia *IBS *Jaundice *Leprosy *Leucoderma (Vitiligo) *Leucorrhea *Liver Disease *Low Blood Pressure *Lymphatic Filariasis *Migraine *Nervous Disorders *Piles *Skin Diseases 8Sore Throat *Spleen Enlargement *Stomach Aches *Stress *Ulcers *Urinary Problems *Water Retention

Herb Properties: *Alexeteric *Analgesic *Antidepressant *Antiemetic *Anti-inflammatory *Antimicrobial *Antipyretic * *Astringent *Brain Enhancer *Diuretic Expectorant * Liver Tonic *Laxative *Ophthalmic *Rejuvenates *Sedative *Stimulant


SIZE GUIDE: (Comes in Flower, Root and/or Flower, Root Powder, based on availability)

Sample: a small sampling of the dry herb up to 1 oz. Weight varies upon choice of herb

Dry Herb (just the herb only): Small (1/4 cup up to 2 oz.) Medium (1/2 cup up to 4 oz.)  Large (1 cup up to 6 oz.) Weight varies upon choice of herb

Looseleaf Tea: Small (2 oz) Medium (4 oz) Large (8 oz) Must use tea infuser to prepare

TeaBags: Small (10 teabags) Medium (20 teabags) Large (40 teabags) Ready to make

Tinctures: Small (1 oz) Medium (2 oz) Large (4 oz) Please allow 72 hour additional processing time. Comes in a dropper bottle

Capsules: Small (30 capsules) Medium (60 capsules) Large (90 capsules) Vegetarian