4U Herb Training Course

4U Herb Training Course

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Take control of your herb knowledge with the 4U Herb Training Course! 

Become a herb expert on your own terms with a ONE-ON-ONE training course with The Queen of Herbs! Choose the 4 TOPICS that interest you the most and the DAY & TIME you train!  


STEP 1: PURCHASE THE COURSE (simply add it to your cart and checkout) 

STEP 2: COMPLETE THE TOPIC SELECTION FORM (emailed to you separately AFTER you have made your course purchase)

STEP 3: PREPARE TO LEARN! (You will be contacted via phone by The Queen of Herbs to finalize your custom course details!!!)

Choose from the following topics:

1) Herb Actions: The vast properties of herbs and their actions in the body

2) Common Gyno Issues: Fibroids, BV, Candida, Fibroids, PCOS, and MORE

3) Menopause & Aging: Herbs that address the different stages of menopause and its symptoms

4) Peristeam Hydrotherapy: Discover the intricacies of this therapeutic herb-centric female rejuvenation practice.

5) Weight Loss, Diet & Gut Health: Herbs and practices to address these issues

6) Hair, Skin & Nails: Topical and internal herbal formulas to enhance our self-care routine

7) Heart & Lungs: Decoctions and infusions Herbs to address cardiovascular and respiratory help.

8) Herbal Teas: How to create and select teas for wellness, weight loss and more!

9) Pick YOUR Own: Have a desire to cover a topic that is not mentioned? Well, then bring it and we will train you on it! Herb related topics only...