We offer comprehensive Herb Training Courses to suit the needs of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level Learners! 

Upon the completion of a course, Students will be equipped with the knowledge, tools and resources that will proudly distinguish them from the masses.  

*Certificate of Completion and/or Certification provided upon successful course completion


  • Become An Herbalist: This comprehensive course will teach you pertinent herb properties, herbal preparations and interactions. Each participant will come away with a functional knowledge of herbs and how they shape and impact our overall health and wellness. *Upon completion of the course: Beginner and Intermediate levels receive a Certificate of Completion; Advanced level students receive Certification in Herbal Studies. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  • Introduction to Naturopathy: (Prerequisite "Become An Herbalist") this next-level course is for Certified Herbalists to deepen their knowledge of herbs and the remedies therein. This  Certification course includes information on Homeopathy and Aromatherapy.